Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guitar Grets

Few days back was my sister's birthday. I wanted to celebrate it for her, but I am away from home and I needed to attend classes.

Then i bought a guitar, and started countdown meanwhile keep researching and practising. To be honest, there is too little things that i know about guitar. So, i search for lessons and tutorials on the web. Keep replaying the melody & strumming the strings.

Finally on the day of her birthday, I found that the built-in microphone inside my laptop is not suitable to record the whole thing. When I replay back the recordings, all I can say is OH and it is really SWT.

I got depressed for the whole day. In the end, I just bought a cake lighting up the candles, wishing her a happy birthday. Then I ate up the cake.

It is really a shame and I was very concerned with it because I promised my sister long time ago, yet i failed.

=) this is the song requested.

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