Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guitar Grets

Few days back was my sister's birthday. I wanted to celebrate it for her, but I am away from home and I needed to attend classes.

Then i bought a guitar, and started countdown meanwhile keep researching and practising. To be honest, there is too little things that i know about guitar. So, i search for lessons and tutorials on the web. Keep replaying the melody & strumming the strings.

Finally on the day of her birthday, I found that the built-in microphone inside my laptop is not suitable to record the whole thing. When I replay back the recordings, all I can say is OH and it is really SWT.

I got depressed for the whole day. In the end, I just bought a cake lighting up the candles, wishing her a happy birthday. Then I ate up the cake.

It is really a shame and I was very concerned with it because I promised my sister long time ago, yet i failed.

=) this is the song requested.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kuching Cosplay Shows Improvements

Nearly two years ago from 2010, i started to mix around with a group of people who have great interest and passions in Cosplay. It was then, they started to become more and more active in Cosplayworld of Kuching (a place locate in Malaysia), with a hope that there will be rapid growth in cosplay culture, and also hope that this culture will become popular. And someday we can enjoy big anime, manga plus cosplay festival held at our own place.

This is an article from local newspaper. It all started as just a mere hobby for leisure. Then the public people noticed them, and that's when they got supporters supporting them to continue delivering out this unique form of entertainments. Most of their supporters are anime or manga lovers, students, and professional photographers. Well frankly said, the loyal supporters will still be people like me, who is schoolmates or friend for some of them.

Not long after that, the cosplayer had devoted themselves in funds rising charity events. In the article above, it shows some of the cosplayer volunteering in KAA Charity.

Following that all the stuffs like cosplay forums, cosplay contest, magazine contest, photo studio, fan  page, interviews, video contest, invited guests, cosplay band, conventions and others are slowly coming in. Besides, there are actually few occasions where i am happy to see cosplayer from outside. Outside means they are cosplayers who travel far from west Malaysia or Sabah. And i was hoping that someday we have foreign cosplayer joining us, which makes a lot more fun.

Introducing the pending cosplay team, now generally call as Bcoz Cosplay Team. This link will directs to their facebook fan page
According to the admin, Pending's cosplay team consist of both former and current students of SMK Pending middle school, plus Chms1 school's students also. Meanwhile the members who are very active are: Tang Shi Yang, Noctis Lai, Chuan Ching, Dyllon and Eric.

Scroll down for more pictures......

This picture is taken from Breeze magazine.

See ya...^^v