Sunday, August 09, 2009

古晋角色扮演大赛 Kuching Open Cosplay Competition

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砂拉越广场 古晋角色扮演大赛

SEDC将于8月16日-砂拉越广场(Sarawak Plaza)底楼举办古晋角色扮演大赛(Kuching,Open Cosplay Competition )。时间为下午2点正,主办当局请所有参赛者提前1小时到现场来报道。
报名表格已可向Marcus Chai(016-8586794),或William(016-8679656)索取, 不需任何报名费。参赛者必须附上一张护照大小的个人照片,一张你所选的参赛角色图片,及2分钟左右的音频CD 。报名截止日期为8月12日。

此项竞赛将公开给所有马来西亚公民参与。参赛者必须扮演ACG(动画,漫画,游戏)里的角色,不接受原创角色和Lolita, Punk一类没有角色设定的时尚服装。

这次活动的主要目的是让本地Cosplayer有机会展现他们对角色扮演的热诚,并把Cosplay 文化介绍给砂拉越公民。当天主办当局也将开放一个摄影空间,以让Cosplayer可以在比赛前后自由拍照。


Monday, August 03, 2009

Boulevard Shopping Mall Cosplay Contest 2 August 2009

02 August 2009, boulevard held an event called ' COS vention 09 '. So, i had spent my evening time there. I not sure why i got attracted  to go there, maybe i want to take some photos, or checkout new faces, or just going and see how they managed the event and reactions of the audiences.


Their poses are telling me that they are very happy with themselves. Enjoying the prizes, i heard from them, the prizes are amounting to a total estimation of RM2,000. Not bad, keep it up.

They got ranked for the 2nd place. And when i was shooting the video, I heard the one of the audience, besides me saying they are "zhui sak de" means most cool one. Well, I think they had done a good job, and i think they can do even better.

See ya...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cosplayers in Kuching Food Festival

The MC at the Isuzu showroom said that, they dressed unique, and also laughed as he sighed " looks like i really outdated from these youngster trends ". Then the MC invite them up, to take photos together with their Isuzu cars. In returns, eveyone of them get a small gift from Isuzu.

Symbolize building of Kuching.